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Looking at Used Gravely 36 with 12.5 HP Kawi

I found someone willing to sell a gear driven 36" Gravely with a Kawi FB460V motor. I was looking for a mower of this size without braking the bank. It will be for my personal use. The price is $400 (not bad right?). The only thing is when I inspected it today, there were a few problems, but it didn't seem that bad. the motor sounded fine (even though it may need a tune up). But, the belts were all loose and beat up. Therefore, the mower didnt move too well when put into gear. Is that an easy fix? Also, when the mower is on, the blades are automatically engaged. When the manual PTO is pushed forward, it sounds a little like it picks up some more RPM's, but not alot. Will this be needing a new clutch? Last, the belt on the mower deck looked like it was pretty shredded. I guess the question is, is it worth the purchase? Or will I be spending another $500 in the shop to get it back in mowing shape?

Thanks in advance!!
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