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Well.. I removed the valve and yep...aluminum in the threads. I cleaned the threads and cleaned and flushed the hole and replaced the valve. About two rows of threads were damaged. It seemed to thread back in ok and I was able to tighten it to the proper 10lbs torque. I drove it around for about 15 minutes without issue but somehow I feel I'm on borrowed time. Is that vavle under a lot of pressure when in use? Should I fear it blowing out with force enough to damage the battery that's across from it?

Now that I understand how the valve works I know exactly what I did wrong. It's not that I turned the valve too far it's that I didn't know that it was turned out of the when I began tightening I didn't realize that I must have started to cross thread. live and learn...probably going to loose a few more nights of sleep over this.
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