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Yeah, Flyer looks decent, clean. I think I'd leave out the Deere though, since it's not a professional mower. Also $20 seems really cheap, maybe too cheap. I don't know what pricing is near you but nobody mows lawns for $20 where I am. Maybe people are thinking that it's too good to be true, the low price, the first month discount and the free referal mowing. Almost seems like you're giving away the store/desperate. Let me tell you a little story.....

I have a friend who makes "distressed" furniture, really nice stuff. He had his stuff at several indoor flea markets on a consignment basis at really low prices. He couldn't understand why he wasn't selling it, so he kept dropping his prices with no luck. He was talking to an "old timer" at one of his locations one day and asked the guy why his stuff wasn't selling. The old timer told him it was because his prices were too low and to double them. My friend did just that and soon got a call from the flea market manager that his booth was empty and needed restocking.

My point is that while people are looking for a good value, some people, especially those with money, don't want to go with cheap because they perceive it to be of low value and not fitting their life style. I could see you picking up some customers who just want their lawn mowed, but you're not going to get the "good" customers with a lawn tractor and dirt cheap pricing and give-aways.
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