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Im not sure a heavy sand load is always the best.

For example Star Seal recomends a ratio of:
30 gallons raw sealer.
10 gallons of dilution agent.
100 pounds of sand.

The 100 pounds of sand will work with a tank that has built in agitation but if you were to add 100 pounds of sand to a coal tar sealer that was in that North Star tank you would have nothing but problems due to the fact you couldnt mix it and keep the sand supended in the mix. The lower the tank level got the more sand would be present in the mix and too much sand will cause the sealer to have a loose structural bond resulting in a sealer that will prematurely fail.

If someone were to hold a gun to my head and force me to use that particular North Star tank i would use no more 30 lbs of sand per 30 gallons of raw sealer and have a person with a 1 x 4 board periodicaly stirring the mix through the top lid.

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