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"Someone" told my customer I sold my accounts to them...

I received a call from a customer this morning. He said that his wife told him that there was a knock on the door, and when she answered it some guy said that he was there to do a lawn application. She told him that she had just had her lawn serviced by (me) and he said, "Oh, he sold all his accounts to me, didn't you get a letter?" How should I proceed? I live in a small town and I know about everyone that does lawn care around here. My mind started to race immediately, wondering who it might be. I can't imagine that it would be one of my buddies. The chances of the customer contacting me to verify that I had indeed sold their account would be very likely, and at that point the guy would know that I knew. So was it Trugreen? Would they be that desperate and/or unprofessional? I would imagine that they would have to abide by strict rules since they are a big corporation, and I can't imagine that they need customers so badly that they would stoop that low? Who would it be, has anyone ever had this happen to them before? Now I know that a handful of customers hop from company to company yearly. I sometimes get calls from my friendís customers saying they need me to give them an estimate, and the same thing happens to them. They get calls from my customers, and I lose a few every year. I used to let my buddies know when their customers called me, but they pretty much said go for it, and since I wasn't getting any calls from them I stopped letting them know. But the point is, we are not out there soliciting and LYING to other people's customers, knocking on their doors. I don't have my customers email addresses. Should I send a notice via snail mail or just blow it off? I only have about 300 customers but that's a pretty penny in stamps. Thanks for the advice.
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