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Don't throw in the towel just yet. The flyer you have looks alright.. I would work on the way your passing them out. You need to make yourself look bigger then what you are. Little things like a Polo shirt with a collar.. get a logo knitted onto it like a small tree or a pair of old school hedge clippers (shears) or something like that with your company name cresent shaped on it right above your logo. If your just starting off, simple logos like that are not as expensive to get done 'cause they don't have to custom make it like the one you have on your flyer. I got a polo shirt from Ross for about $9.00 they had the same one at J.C. Penny for $15.99 went to a uniform store got a palm tree with company name embroidered on it spent about $18 bucks all together! Stay away from business companies that market Magnets for your truck and cards, flyers etc.. 'cause it will cost you like just $50 to download an image of what you want plus what the charge to stich it on your shirt and might have a minimum of 5 shirts to buy or something like that. The uniform shop just has scrubs for nurses and other uniforms they put names on, so if you go in there with one shirt ask for a catolog of available stiching they can do- they will hook you up For a fraction of the cost of a big company. Go to your mall and go to Lids hat store they also do embroidery but for hats only.. so get a solid color hat matching your shirt. They got them plain solid ones for about $10 ask them to stich your company name on it that cost around $15 bucks. This will make you look real professional. Even if it's a one man company. I agree with derryl gesner, get rid of that john deer tractor picture, put a commercial mower on it even if you don't own one.. you will sooner or later! Mention on the flyer "summer special" that way they feel like ther're really getting a deal. Don't print an expiration date on the flyer, so when people call you when it really get's hot and sticky out you wont feel obligated to honer that same low price. You can now go back to regular price for all the late last minute birds, you have to feel them out when you talk to them you can tell them you'll honer the first cut at that price and the rest..well, you know what to do. See.. all you want to do is get your foot in the door with these people. you don't want to low ball so much that every time you finish a yard your kicking yourself cause you know that you should of charged them more for your time and sweat.
Now.. when you go passing these flyers out try knocking on the door, take 2 steps back away from the door so when they open the door your face is not the first thing they see. This way you wont seem intrusive. If some one comes to my door and they're right in face it will put me in my defensive mode. So step back 2 steps so they can see your nice attire with company logos on hat and shirt (make sure shirt is tucked in, hair is brushed or cut neatly,shoes are not same ones your gonna cut in, eyes are visable not hiding behind sunglasses or looking at the grown when your talking to them, you're the boss and owner so you gotta look and act like one ) compliment them of their yard or anything you see right off the bat that they take pride in like their flower garden, car, dog, whatever even a hanging chandelier in front of their door. Be honest with them let them know you just starting off a business. They gonna be expecting you to ask for their business just like everyone else asking for money, but don't ask anything! don't even ask if they have anyone or if they need any services. (at least not yet you want to fish) Bring with you a clipboard and paper. Tell them " I just want to make sure you recieve my summer special." That's it dude don't say any more! Smile as you give them your flyer it's contagious! They'll smile back as they start to read your flyer... but now start to walk backwards but don't give them your back (they will feel not valued). Start to thank them for their time, smile again and begin to wave. Giving the impression that you have a very busy day and alot of customers to go get. this is what I call "going fishing". You see.. people will appreciate you for knocking on the door and respect you enough to listen to what your saying about yourself and flyer. For a couple reasons. One reason, is the way you simply look, you look like a Boss. You look professional. You look like you know what your doing. You got your ducks in order. An other reason is you remind them of themselves, people that have careers, people that have their own ducks in order, you gonna be talking to plumbers, electricians, teachers, nurses, other business owners. So as I was saying earlier.. "going fishing" they,the customer will be in an "aw" like, Hey what just happend? Where is he going? He will ask you before you even take another step. 'Hey how much for my lawn? DING!! DING!! DING!! You got yourself a customer. You got'em hooked real good 'cuase you didn't seem money hungry or desperate. Now don't loose 'em have your clipboard ready. Go into your sales pitch, but keep it simple just like your flyer. Tell them it's just $20 bucks with your summer special. Now don't say a word. First one to speak looses. What ever he says tell him your in the neighbourhood tomorrow you can swing by and give him a cut. If you follow this technique you will have an abundance of work. I passed out 750 flyers last summer just around a few blocks in one weekend, got 60 regular customers added to my account. I did not get to talk to everyone when I passed out the flyers. But it got me in the block and neighbours talk. When they see you comming every week to their street they will stop you and ask for service. So always do your best when servicing a lawn. HAPPY CUTTING!
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