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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
He's referring to the fins on the engine head and block that provide surface area for cooling. Part of them are under the engine shroud, and they can get plugged pretty badly if you don't blow off the engine after use. I blow mine off after EVERY use to prevent any trouble. It only takes a second to do, so why not?
good job! ya its takes around $500-$600 to do a head job. if you are interested i can send you a part number for a screen that goes in front of the engine to keep the grass out. the screen is a $300 kit, but i guarenty you that you will never have grass in the fins again. i have put a few on and have checked them after about a month of mowing and they were clear. if you have seen the radiator screen on the liquid cooled 777 and 797, this screen is just like it, but for the 737 and 757. let me know.
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