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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
My current ZTR is a new Z720A with the 25 Kohler Command Pro. So far, I am quite pleased with it, but it is still new, so we'll see. Is there any type of screen kit for this machine yet? If so, would you post the part #? Thanks
those things are a good machine and should treat you well. as of right now there is no screen availble. if i remember right those things have a screen attached to the flywheel, like all do, and a lager screen bolted to the shroud. if this is the case, i have suggested to people before to take some screen from a screen door and use some mechanics wire and fasten it to the larger screen. that should help alot. and the fins on those new mowers dont get clogged hardly at all due to the engine laying down in the frame instead of standing up like the old ones.
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