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Originally Posted by JDUtah View Post
I have a huge boulder in my front yard that is in no way moving (it's 4 feet tall or so, by a similar length). It will make an awesome center piece for a water feature (perhaps the beginning of a pond-less fall/stream).

The question goes as follows, if I do run water down it how do I make sure that there will be no leaks where the liner meets the boulder? Is there an adhesive that will work well enough? I am also considering digging under it and setting the liner under it just enough and then encourage flow away from the boulder?

In simple terms, if you can't lift a boulder and put a liner under it, how do you make a water feature out of it?

I figured I would ask the professionals before attempting anything. I just bought the house and have yet to dig around and see how it sits. I will also get some pictures as time allows.

Thanks in advance!
I would strap it and rent a small forklift or such to lift and place some heavy geo under it etc. Maybe core the center and have a bubble up in the rock?
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