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Good luck in selling your biz. I always use the phrase, that buying lawn service accounts is like buying air. Customers can be fickle, and may not like the new "guy" because he has long hair, tatoos, smells of whiskey, drives a beat up truck, doesn't smile, rushes the job etc.......... There are so many variables that factor in. First and foremost I would sell to someone who has a strong work ethic, and is a somewhat of a people person. Then all parties are content.

Having a meet and greet with new LCO and customer is always a plus to, as it shows them you hold the new contractor in high regards. Good luck in the future

As far as price selling accounts, make sure it is a number that benefits you, but at the same time in enticing to the future LCO. And take care of the customers interest, because they always pop their head up in the future.
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