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Unfortunately Restro we're old school, things have changed drastically in the past years, where have you been?
Not to be a wise guy but let me see if I can clue you in...

Originally Posted by llee3 View Post
Today I called in to work so I could call the Exmark Help line.
You see, people today have to take an entire day OFF from work just to CALL the help line!
And it should go without saying but the reason they have to take a day off to call a help line is because doing that COULD take ALL day!

This was unheard of in our day Restro, if you or I would have done that and our boss found out about it, we would have been fired.

But today this is the norm, folks nowadays take time off from work to call people about a problem with something they paid money for.
Which isn't to say they're not risking being fired over it but they apparently put up with it,
probably mostly because of the issue of choice (as in, we have none).

That, Restro, is as close as I can get to describing what things have come to, in few words.


Originally Posted by llee3 View Post
I say it is a rebuilt engine. The original engine blew with 350 to 400 hours (5 years in people time) and that Kohler paid for a new short block and I paid the labor.
Well, there's your problem, Kohler already went to bat for you once and now you expect it again and I am sorry but
your problem can not be diagnosed over the phone, you need to take it to a qualified service technician and pay them
whatever it cost, and stop expecting Kohler to give you a brand new engine every time you have some kind of a problem with it.

More than likely it's not blown, but you need to take it to a qualified service technician.
And be prepared, it might cost more than $50, probably 2, 3, 4, 500, I don't know, maybe more.

That or fix it yourself, but those are the choices and if it still won't start I don't know what to tell you.

That having been said...
You might want to see if you can find some good shade tree 2-cycle / small engine mechanics in your area.

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