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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
"normal service" is the proper USE of said engine as outlined by both Kohler and the equipment manufacturer.

I've never had a Kohler warranty claim denied and even gotten a couple just out of warranty claims payed, Also got a couple out of warranty adjustments where Kohler paid for parts and customer paid labor.

llee3 just got a bunch of smoke blown up his ear......

If llee3 had spent half as much time on this site as he did on the phone,
He probably would have located the problem FREE OF CHARGE.....In alot less time.
Money is tight everywhere...The quality of info you get over the phone is rapidly degrading. Face it, a dealership doesnt make a dime by giving out answers over the phone. There are morons and idiots manning the phones in alot of businesses, You'll probably even find some on this site if you look hard enough. This is not exclusive to the lawn business. Your best bet is to educate yourself and watch your wallet.
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