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Originally Posted by groundsmechanic View Post
I never did like our Exmarks with the Kohler engines. We have a 2000 Lazer Z that is on its 3rd engine. They all burn oil like crazy.

The one Exmark we have at the shop I am located in has s 34hp Kawasaki. I like that engine a lot. But, now Kawasaki has a recall on a lot of their engines for cam issues and Exmark is not offering the Kawasaki anymore until the problem is fixed. We have to get Kohler and we just ordered 3 new mowers.

Rant Over.
While I was at the shop I noticed that there was only 1 Exmark with a Kohler. The other dozen plus all had Kawasaki's on them. I didnt see a Kohler on any of the SKaggs or Toro's either. Close to 40 or more mowers and 1 kohler.
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