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Yeah but on all the Kawasaki's the dang exhaust is opposite the discharge chute so no matter how I ride past plants and
flowerbed I'm either blowing chunks of grass into the beds or I risk killing the plant by blowing REALLY hot air at it.

Because it will kill it, a good shot of exhaust aimed right at some plant will kill it better than Round up will.

On a Kohler the exhaust is on the same side as the mower's discharge chute, so there's a direction I can ride past a flower bed
or a bunch of plants without creating a totally stressful situation.

So anyhow, glad to hear you got it fixed.

Originally Posted by llee3 View Post
I did take the whole day off since I did not know just how long I would be on hold for. And I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Unlike most people I am not worried about taking time off from my job. I have close to 1500 hours of time off accrued, and earn 280 hours each year. My boss has no problem with me calling in since it only happens a few days a year at most.
Honestly I really didn't care to hear all of that mostly because that's what everybody always says, maybe you didn't
appreciate what I had to say but I'm here trying to highlight the plight of the American worker and you think I'm stupid?
What would happen to you if you had a real emergency?
You done used up some of that free ride, that's what.

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