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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
Unfortunately Restro we're old school, things have changed drastically in the past years, where have you been?
Not to be a wise guy but let me see if I can clue you in...

Tops..... Did you skip your medication again ???

WTF does any of your gibberish have to do with Kohler's warranty ???

If Kohler were to make any changes to their warranty, I'm POSITIVE they would notify ALL dealers before any consumers.

Let me tell ya bubba....YOU may have been left behind, BUT in my business one MUST stay on top of EVERYTHING and attend yearly seminars for every brand equipment sold in order to maintain dealership/warranty status....

Where have I been ?

Certainly not kicked back on my PC racking up my post count with gibberish.

Oh..... Not to be a wise guy.....

Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
You never learn anything until you admit you don't know it all...
Originally Posted by MannsLawnService View Post
some times the man in my mirror isn't so smart...
"Why go out preserved when you can go out beat up, worn out, sliding in sideways screaming, Holy Sh!t What A Ride" !!!
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