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Originally Posted by Grasman View Post
I work around Ann Arbor and at one of my stops where I do 3 lawns in a row, today I noticed the pine trees both spruce and long needle are really browning out. On one property 2 pines are completely brown and appear dead, they looked fine last week. While mowing around them they give off an unusual smell. There are probably 20 more pines on that property from 4' to 30' that have spots that are browning and on most of them the candles (new buds) are what I would call wilting and are starting to dis-color.

On the property next door there are 30 more pines that don't look good. Some with browning candles near the ground and some with the browning in the middle and at the top and most with wilting candles.

On the other side out of 20 pines 3 or 4 are starting to look bad.

I looked around the closest other properties and it looks like it is spreading.

One of the homeowners said they were told that red thread is the cause. I thought that was only in grass. In 20 plus years in the business I have never seen anything like it. I told the homeowners to get some tree specialist out to check it.

Has anyone seen this happening anywhere else? Keep an eye out it is happening fast. 2 of my 3 homeowners and 3 other neighbors had not noticed anything until I told and showed them today.
Could be pine wilt if they're scotch pines, or diplodia tip blight if Austrian. Give me a call, I'd like to help.

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