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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Depleting, and fast!

The growth rate has really hit the skids for me. Some of my properties hardly have anything to cut this week. And, it was three weeks ago(?) that I was sloshing in the mud and water!

We got about 0.30" rain on Tuesday, and a very brief shower about 3:00 today. But, we need rain (did I just say that?) to keep it going. I see there is nothing in the forecast, except some possible T-storms. They are too hit/miss, and if "hit" the water comes too fast.

What have others received this week for rain?
Unreal how fast the growth dropped off, some of my lawns are browning up but most are still fairly green. Luckily I have enough landscaping jobs to hold me through this dry spell if customers don't want their lawns mowed. Amazing it went from 50 and rainy to 90 and sunny in about 2 weeks. Blah!
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