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Originally Posted by zap15101 View Post
Sure are alot of us out there Tim... but pretty funny how more and more customers just dont want to do the simple stuff anymore. So there is plenty of work out there. I was actually thinking about starting a thread for our area (north Pitt)... but it was going to be more geared towards a black ball customer list... just warning other LCO's about customers that werent worth the hassel to deal with... Ive run into a few over the years. Wasnt sure if we could get into any trouble on here by warning others about a potential customer? Any suggestions? Just finished my last 3 lawns and having a beer as I write this... yup.. life is good
Honestly, I'd keep the black customer lists private. I just don't want anybody to get in trouble.

However, if you do decide to start a public black list, just start another thread
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