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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
its not such a big deal with tandems because you can still drive with one flat. But my dump is a single axle
I won't try that again. The one time I tried to pull a dual axle trailer after getting a flat, the flat shredded and was flying all over the road.

The black list of customers may not be that bad of an idea. The exact opposite of angies list. We did some work for a guy last year who asked for a little time to pay his bill. My boss agreed but when it was getting to be too long of a wait and my boss called him for it, the guy left a message accusing us of "pulling a stunt" that almost got his neighbor killed, he knew it was us because he has cameras and he said he filed attempted homicide charges. Of course, it was all bs to scare my boss from calling back for the money. It worked. And while most people would call his bluff, this customer isn't worth the hassle.
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