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Originally Posted by CntrlSealing&PropertyCare View Post
Nice!, We have only three weekly mowing accounts but they are all commercial. One is an apt complex that the guy just bought so we are doing a split rail fence, some landscaping, and some overseeding. Besides that we get a decent amount of good size landscaping jobs and some smaller jobs to keep us busy. We started sealcoating last season with squeegees and just built the spray rig you see here so we are hoping to get some work with that, a lot of time and research into that machine. We built a tote sealing rig with a trash pump at first but as I did more research on them we realized that the sealer will not mix correctly so we scrapped that idea and sold it, went with the steel tank with agitation and the diaphragm pump. I'm excited to start working with it.
yeah i hope to get some commercials next year, just cant right now since im 16 and i can not licensed and insured yet, and ive been able to pick up some small landscaping..mulch, bush/tree trimming, planting flowers, bunch of odd stuff i guess, im thinkin about adding a zeroturn because the walkbehind is so slowi would keep it for hills and ditches but for my 3 accts that are 2 acres plus its a pain in the a$$
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