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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
Wow that's crazy! I had a customer actually last week that was a major pita! He didn't like my original price for mulch with prep so he was going to do the prep (tons of weeds). When I showed up it wasn't done. I had to weed wack all of the weeds and spray. I did it to be nice because I care about my work but it bothered me to half ass it and to know that it'll be full of weeds this week. Then he told me he used 5 yards of mulch when I was figuring on 10 to 15 yards. So I did 5. He wanted it less than an inch thick (being a previous landscaper he should have known that this is not the way to do it). I was still short and convinced him to go with 2 more yards. Needless to say that still wasn't enough. So I told him I would be over in 2 weeks when I was mulching again and finish the half of a yard I needed in the back corner. He said it was ok and the next day I get a call asking in I was coming that day to finish mulching. I was fed up with him so I went over then next day and did it. the whole time he kept saying I don't think you can get 5 yards of mulch on your truck. I don't believe you. So needless to say I will be avoiding him from now on. And I learned a lesson. Don't cut people a break and go above and beyond because they expect everything for free. And I think the angies list for customers would be a great idea. I was actually thinking about making something like that.
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Do the work at your price and on your terms as long as they agree to it as well. Sounds like you got screwed on that one, it happens man. There's always more work out there to do!

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