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Starting a part time mowing Biz

So i have this river front co mmunity to mow. About 9 or 10 yards. In front of the yards is a road, then a strip on yard again then the river. All nicely done up. Nothing super fancy. Just nice grass.
1/4 to 1/2 all of them. Trees etc.....
2 or 3 evenings of mowing is all I wanna do. I have a day job.
I'm not looking to break land speed records. Some are square. Some are shapely..... Some have an incline slightly.

Which 44 or 48" zero turn mower would I wanna get. Res or comm?
I doubt I need something like an Exmark. Would a box store variety work?

WOuld they be durable for what I wanna do?

I'd like to stay under 4500.00 if possible

Glad to hear options.

Maybe someone has a good used one they wanna go bigger!!!

Thanks guys big help

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