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Opinions on used Scag Tiger Cub?

I have an opportunity to purchase a used Tiger Cub for about 5K. It's a 2007, 61" with the 23 horse Briggs. 91 hours (yes, *91*). I haven't found much information on this model so haven't been able to find many reviews on its durability or longevity. We have 6 acres, but only mow about 2.5 of those, mostly flat. We have another 2.5 acres that we allow to grow as meadows that we would probably want to mow about twice a year. (In the past we've used a brush hog, but we sold that as it was cumbersome and seemed to be's just very tall grass now, no rocks or trees)
So basically, I'm hoping for a few things; First, for some insight into what we might expect from this particular model in terms of durability, reliability, and any known issues. And with that, does that seem to be a decent price? Taking into consideration that it would be used primarily for mowing a couple of flat acres of yard, is it optimistic to hope that we could use it to mow the meadows I mentioned a couple of times a year, and/or, would that be an inordinate amount of abuse for this mower?
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