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Originally Posted by vencops View Post
That's all this'll be used for (gly). It's a 3.8gpm pump. I'm guessing I'll lose some pressure at the gun. But, I don't know if that's important (or not?). I've got my place here; my in-laws; and 2 industrial sites I service that I could use it on. I bought the unit to spray my food plots (traditional bowhunter).

Speaking of calibrating, I have a total noob question....

If we're JUST talking gly.....and, they give me the rate of 2% to shoot calibration even necessary (for boom spraying)? I ran water through it, tonight, on my driveway.....trying to get an idea of how much is applied at differing speeds. Being totally new to all this, I was surprised at how slow I had to go to get what "I" feel like is adequate coverage. Now, again...I could be wrong (easily). But, at anything over a crawl, I don't see even my unit (which was pretty much the top of the line ATV unit) being precise enough (at least with the tips that come with it) to utilize on the type of residential properties I service (for chem. apps.). IF I get into this game, I'll invest in a spreader/sprayer. I'll know, next week (hopefully), if it's in my cards.

I use a 12V 2.1 GPM pump and push 300 feet of hose for spraying Glyphosate. I am using both a long wand and a Gun which I interchange with fast snaps couplings. My gun is a standard pressure washer gun with the fast snap interchangable nozzles for a pressure washer. My favorite spot spray nozzles is a 25 degrees @ 5.5 Gpm rated at 1500 psi. At 60 psi I am actually only getting about a gallon a minute out of it. I use this rig for both Aquatic work and turf burn outs for landscapers.

Bottom line is those little 12V are better than people what to give credit.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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