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I think

I paid around $400 or $425 for it with a blade. I was looking at the FS110 but then I saw the FS130. It was $50 more but more power and pretty much the same weight. The only issue that I've had was that Stihl changed the fuel cap to a twist lock. I started having problems with it last month. I found out that there was a recall on the early designed ones. I called my local dealer that works on them on a late Saturday afternoon (I honestly didn't expect them to be in) and they were great. Said bring it in we'll warrantee it no problem. Walked in with it. The guy looked at it. Popped it off and put on a new one. Made a note of the SN and sent me on my way.

FS110 31.4cc 2.2cu in 12.1lbs
FS130 36.3cc 1.9cu in 12.3lbs

I think Stihl has a double your warrantee (2yrs instead of 1) if you buy a 6 pack of synthetic oil right now.

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