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Originally Posted by pcfixer View Post
That's probably the statement of the year right there. Is there any advice in that department?

Aside from a general visual inspection, and checking for leaks or wear, is there a way to determine if there are pump/motor issues? (one might presume that would be the biggest concern with one of these) Aside from the "obvious" I mean. Unless one is pretty far gone, it probably won't have any kind of noise, so is there any other way to tell? Anything else specifically to look for?
Lots of things to check, first check the oil, look at the dip stick for black oil and the oil level, check the air filter, a really dirty air filter may show it was never changed or cleaned, just little things right there to tell you how it has been maintained. Check your belts, spindles for squeaks. Test drive it, listen for clunks, slips, bangs. Listen to the engine, look for smoke, taps. After you run it and shut it off look on the pavement for any fresh drippings. Engage the blades, make sure they engage properly, listen for squeaks, the bearings in the spindles could be bad and the blades will wobble, but not a major problem, but will need to be fixed before you mow. You will know right away if the machine is in good condition. Just cause it says 500 hours, does not mean it really has 500 hours! There may be some things, but you have to remember that it is used and may need a few little things, don't let them be deal breakers! Anything used is a crapshoot. I buy allot of used dirtbikes and street bikes and I have been pretty lucky, but I got burned a couple of times, not major stuff, but hidden things and if I would have looked a little better, I would have found it and defiantly got a better price or have walked. If you also have a friend or know somebody that has a little mechanical knowledge, see if they will go with you, a couple extra eyes would help!! You could alway give a guy a few bucks to help you look it over. Like you said, you really cannot look inside a hydro or tear down the engine, so you just have to look for the signs.
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