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Originally Posted by redspot321 View Post
I use herbicide regulary to control turf pests. My last application was 2 weeks ago with a Bayer pesticide applied at the heaviest rate recomended. I do not see any activity of spiders, grubs, or chinch bugs but there are a TON of Spittlebugs the black and red ones.

Could this mean My pesticide is not working properly and could soon see infestations of chinch bugs or does the herbicide not kill Spittlebugs like chinch bugs.

You either should be posting in the homeowner forum or looking for a big fine from the Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control. Because you sure don't have a clue which end is up when it comes to lawn care. If you are a homeowner, Hire a pro. If you are yard boy stop applying Pesticides.

Sorry your question is so far out of line We don't know where to start to answer it.

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