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Originally Posted by LawnCareNoobie View Post
7 Iron Deck does a very good job at spreading the clippings. That's another thing that's a plus with the deck. I'm not sure about the Kubota deck, but the 7 Iron has a pretty wide discharge opening and even with the chute flap down it spreads well. In most cases I find that it does a better job with dispersal of clippings with it down than up.

As far as diesel goes, I can't understand why Deere doesn't add a smaller diesel option in their lineup. They have one which is the 997 with the 31 hp Yanmar (beast). They have smaller Yanmars in their machines, they need to add it to a z-track.
i agree i like my kawi engine in my 925 but would like to try one with a diesel. i think it would be great on fuel. how are the 997s on fuel?
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