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Originally Posted by jad004 View Post
You can't buy speed zone or 2,4-D without a license. I totally agree with Think Green on this one. With no experience, Preen is your best option. Weed the beds first. If you start spraying chemical around the plants, you will kill them. Before I started the business, Preen and good mulching is what I used.
i can show you 5 websites right now you can buy either product on

or 10 products at walmart that contain 2,4-d

along with any JD store around my area
2 48 inch walker ghs
2 gravely 260 zs
walker with spyker spreader and 35 gallon tank with 8 foot boom
lawnboy 21
bobcat 36 48 wb
redmax trimmers blowers
traler vac 16hp vanguard
scag sw52a-17ka
350 dump

lesco spreaders and tanks
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