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What is the best city/state to start a lawn business?

I'm in Spokane and, honestly, the local market sucks. The unemployment rate is high so there's a lot of cut-throat competition (The response rate on a flyer that gets 1 call back out of 50 ads in other towns seems to only get 1 out of 200-300 here), the average income is relatively low and the mowing season is only 4-5 months long and the summers are mild (As we're so far north) so 'everyone' seems to love mowing their own lawn when I ask around. As far as I can tell, it seems to be non-ideal for a lawn care business.

What places would it be best to grow a lawn-mowing business where the average going price is high, temperatures are hot so nobody loves mowing their own lawn, there's plenty of business and it's pretty much year round or nearly as year-round as possible? Thanks! I'm thinking somewhere in southern california, but it's kind of expensive to live there... I want to maximize my overall net income, which means minimizing my living expenses. However, if I could somehow operate from a trailer in someone's back-yard while also growing a thriving lawn business in a rich area where the going prices are fairly profitable, I'm not against the idea! I wouldn't mind living in a dump if it meant a net income greater than $100,000/year.
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