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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
Overall a great mower.
1. Alot faster than a WB
2. Leaves a great finished product
3. Alot less tiring to operate
4. Does not take up alot of space on the trailer or in the garage.

1. In my region it cannot be used on some hills that you could mow with a WB
2. A little difficult to work on as opposed to my WB
3. The machine will tear up some grass on real thin lawns
4. Grass build up underneath the deck

Overall the GS has been a very wise purshase. The comfort and ease of operation will save you alot of energy over a long day of mowing. There is a learning curve to this mower, but once you get the hang of it you will love it. Mine has the speed control which I used until I mastered it. I have recieved many compliments from customers on how nice the GS cuts. I will try to get some pictures up sometime on some yards that I mow with it.
interesting about buildup on the deck, as i have dthe opposite experience. nothing ever builds up....ever. how cool is that
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