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^^Funny you should ask.^^

After what seemed to be endless rain delays, we finally wrapped this project up today.

We ended up rocking 3 back yard banks, and hope to start on the largest of the 4 involved with this project in the next few weeks.

After we place the stone, we finish grade, and prep the area so we can restore everything we touched during the project.

We use different types of seeds, depending on where or what we are seeding. Banks get a water way/wild flower mix, and the yards get some type of a turf blend depending on sunlight conditions. We always use straw mattes for cover on the slopes and blown straw on the yards.

Over all this one ended up pretty nice and the property owners are happy with the out come. In total we have restored and stabilized 8 yard banks along this stretch of creek in the past 2 years.

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