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Single Axle Trailer

I bought a small trailer (5x11) that was used to haul a skidloader. It has 6 bolt hubs, which usually means it has a 5000 or 5200 lb axle. The trailer alone weighs around 1000 lbs. I know the farmer hauled about a 6000 lb skid loader between farms on it. Is there any way that the axles could be stronger than the usual 6 bolt axles.

I plan to put a diamond plate floor in it and use it to haul my small skidloader and an occasional load of rock, blocks, or whatever.

Also currently there are no brakes on the trailer, but I dont plan to go very far (20 miles and under) and I have a 1999 Ford F250 to pull it with do you think that around town and under 55 mph I will ever have a problem.
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