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Uhm, no

To each their own, but I won't take a chance of finding my tool doesn't have power when I need it the most.
Plus, impacts can't do everything, only some things, usually a matter of space constraints.

So Hand tools first.
Impact second.
And swap the blades at home!

For this reason I have a pretty complete air tool setup at the house,
most everything you'd need, certainly enough to cover the simple repairs
such as the ones you mentioned.

And a tool box full of hand tools in the truck, it has most of the common tools so I use it mostly
for the emergencies although it has enough tools in it to cover a wide variety of repairs,
leaving out only the more complicated (such as strut shocks).
This tool box also covers any at home repairs the air tools do not.

The special tool set (that includes tools for specific and generally difficult jobs) I keep at home as well.

What I'm getting at...
Is you want to come prepared.
One silly little rechargeable 18v noise maker isn't going to cut it, sorry.
In my opinion you'd be better off spending that money on getting your hand tool sets complete.
They never run on power, they always work and are always ready.
So what if it takes you 5, 10 minutes longer?

Better off having all the simple tools you need, than having the best tool in the world when it can't do the job.

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