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Check out the area below Nashville, mainly Brentwood, Tn. I've been thinking of moving to that area, been there twice to scout the area out & liked what I saw, nice paved roads, traffic flowed smoothly, untold gated communities, Big homes with lots of acreage. The Walmart in Brentwood, has "valet" parking! I kid you not. see pic. I saw new $$$$ construction everywhere. Below are some pics I took while driving around south of Brentwood on the outskirts. I drove out in the county roads around Nolensville, Tn, and encountered huge mansions with 5+ acre front yards, rows of mansions. If there is/was a "recession" in the Brentwood area, I did not see it, I saw big $ everywhere. These are pics of a fairly new sub division below Brentwood.

Let me offer you a word of warning here. Do not believe everyone here saying their area "sucks". It might suck and it might not! I was basically told the same thing by some of our LS members when I inquired about the Brentwood area I saw the opposite when I visited Brentwood.

If your thinking about relocating else where, do your own research, then go visit that area & get a feel for it.

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