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Originally Posted by FLAhaulboy View Post
Check out the area below Nashville, mainly Brentwood, Tn. I've been thinking of moving to that area, been there twice to scout the area out & liked what I saw, nice paved roads, traffic flowed smoothly, untold gated communities, Big homes with lots of acreage. The Walmart in Brentwood, has "valet" parking! I kid you not. see pic. I saw new $$$$ construction everywhere. Below are some pics I took while driving around south of Brentwood on the outskirts. I drove out in the county roads around Nolensville, Tn, and encountered huge mansions with 5+ acre front yards, rows of mansions. If there is/was a "recession" in the Brentwood area, I did not see it, I saw big $ everywhere. These are pics of a fairly new sub division below Brentwood.

Are you considering these mansions??? Just curious because ever new development going in up here are houses like this. We call them McManshions, a new street goes in with 12+ houses, 10 might be the size your last two pages and the other two are the size of your first pic. Just curios??

Gotta love when someone describes a nicea area as "nice paved roads"
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