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18V DeWalt fan here too. I wanted one after using a friends to help him change the sweeps on his field cultivator (60 or 70 of them at least). Being I have 18V DeWalt tools already I went with the same brand and with 300 ft. lbs I am more than happy.

And Topsites before you go preaching on your pedestal about handtools again, I have enough to supply 3 or 4 mowing crews with enough to tackle basic problems they might encounter in a week. I am not running several crews but I do like the fact there is not an air hose to drag around, I don't have to listen to a compressor run, and if I want to take it 10 miles from the house I don't have to take a compressor and generator with me.

I use it to remove and install blades, and babies are still born naked!
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