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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
Bamaturf, thanks for the reply - and cutting, while I do know how to push snow there really isn't much call for it here in C. Texas.
Where I am at decision wise is this: I can get a quad cab truck with the gas motor and a hybrid dump bed, meaning the dove tail removes so I can also use the truck as a light duty dump - for the same price as a diesel powered quad cab non-hybrid bed truck.
Even running cursory numbers it would take like six years for the diesel to pay for itself providing diesel doesn't skyrocket in price again.
I am leaning towards the gas combo but haven't committed yet.
Get a Gas more than enough power for you. And that combo is sweet thinking about getting one on my next truck.

I put sides on my bed so it can haul more than just 2 yards of mulch...I suggest you do that too! Because this truck is made for hauling and pulling. last year i put over 3 tons of rock in the back of the bed with a Boss plow.. Then over 10 Yards of mulch with sides! Hauled @$$/ noooo problems!
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