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Response time to fliers?

Last week I put out my first 15 fliers, and I know that is not nearly enough to really expect a response. My targets were in a new subdivision that every house is under a year old, and the residents have been living there for much less. There lawns did not appear to be mowed at all this year(were about 8 to 10 inches tall) so I thought it was a good prospect. I put a lot of effort into my flyers, full color fresh off the ink-jet, and look very professional in my opinion. I put them in those clear door hanger bags that I ordered, and since I just got off of my current full-time job, I was burning daylight, and couldn't walk up to the doors. I was also extremley unpresentable, swetty, covered in sawdust, and smelled funny. I hung them on the stand-alone mailboxes, or put them in the newspaper slot if it wasn't obstructed by a newspaper. I understand it is illegal to put them in the actual mailbox, or the mailman has the right to remove it. My question is, if they haven't responded in the first few days, should I assume that they are not interested?
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