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Originally Posted by JDUtah View Post
anaerobic compost is used allllll the time as fertilizer for crops. Don't let the aact hype about oxygen fool you. It is simply broken down by different organisms.
actually anaerobic compost (the same with putrefied material) has very little nutrient value, it is basically fluff it has been all used up and mostly gassed off.

whether it has bad guys in it depends on the parent material and the environment it was in

Just because people use it in ag doesn't mean it is a good choice or that they are doing themselves any favors, just making more work for themselves in my opinion

a good finished compost should not have recognizable parent material in it and have an earthy smell, if it smells like ammonia or rotten eggs leave it, it should not be warm or hot either. finished compost is cool and earthy smelling
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