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Originally Posted by Karmascapes View Post
Yeah they told me the parrot feathers grow quickly, they actually recommended cutting off about 1 inch every couple of weeks. They said that doing this would help keep them growing full and not out all over.

What about the claim that hyacinth produce twice as much oxygen as most other plants?
You can't be saying that our climate down here isnt hot enough right? Our summers are brutal, not as bad as fl with tad, but still Hell.

I just added a quart of hydrogen peroxide too
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Water Hyacinths are known for their ability to pull nutrients from pond water. Don't think that I have ever heard that they were any better as an oxygenator than most other aquatic plants.

Why did you add Hydrogen peroxide? For Oxygen? Though it will add some oxygen to the water, it is a temporary fix, because hot water does not have the ability to hold Oxygen as well as cool water. The dosage must also be carefully controlled and properly applied as the peroxide will burn the eyes and gills of the fish.

Please don't start throwing chems into your pond. You will only end up doing more damage
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