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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I would include a waiver for any damage as it could add up quick with a system that had lines installed shallow. Be sure to include time to mark heads or have an understanding that heads must be marked before hand. It could take a long time to mark them if you do not have a remote control.

Would you be interested in the tow behind? It is made by trac vac, 48" wide.
I appreciate the offer but my first priority is to get a self propelled model and like I said earlier, I'm leaning toward the LawnSolutions 24 inch model. I've done a lot of research/searches on here and other places online to get information on the best quality/best price tow behind aerator. I also would like a 36 inch model so I can cover more ground but still be able to fit through most gates. The pro-aire seems to be what I am looking for when it comes time to get a tow behind.
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