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No-Damage to equipment incentive for employees

I know you have all had horror stories about how employees treat equipment and property. I could go on for days, myself, but want to run an idea past you. Through the years we have tried everything from retraining, all forms of reprimands, lectures, termination, repayment for repairs, etc. Nothing seems to work! Employees who see the mistreatment and abuse often ignore it, seemingly believing that if someone else breaks it, it's not their problem.

Here is my proposed solution and why I want your thoughts. I will start out each month offering to pay my four main employees a monthly bonus, say $400 for arguments sake, for avoiding damage to equipment, vehicles, lawns, customers property, etc. For every damage occurrence, money is deducted from the pot. What is left over at the end of the month, if anything, is divided proportionally by hours worked between the four.

This policy would only be for cases of neglect and abuse. Any damage from normal wear and tear would be exempt. Failure to report any obvious damage will result in forfeiture of the entire monthly bonus. It is my hope that employees will start policing each others practices and avoid damage themselves in exchange for a bonus and to avoid being to blame for other employees loosing out on a bonus.

Give it to me honestly. I'm still in the 'brainstorming' phase of this thought. I have not yet determined how to 'score' damage deductions from the pot. Any ideas on this would be helpful too in addition to any other methods that you may have tried.


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