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I basically gave my guys a bonus plan similar to what you are talking about. Each guy would receive $100 cash at the end of each month less specific amounts for basic infractions and deductions for actual cost to repair any neglected equipment. Infractions were things like if I inspect a mower and the oil level is low or air filter is clogged. Everything that was expected of them was on paper and I had each sign a copy. I wanted the bonus to be obtainable and the expectations clear. Basically They were expected to daily check oil levels, air filters, tire pressures, grease any fittings. The bonus was really for them to do work that was already expected of them but rarely done by them. I figured the bonus would ensure that it got done. The meeting was April first of this year. I have yet to pay any one a bonus. It is difficult to motivate some people to do anymore than just the basic stuff.
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