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I've seen some good hosting providers mentioned above. May I say what would work good for anyone who's not in web design and web hosting business?

I'd recommend anyone to use middle-sized web hosts that have a good business record. the reason to say "middle-sized" is that you'd might not get resolution on many issues which look to be easy to resolve if you have to deal with a large provider/ Employees there do not make decisions. They follow procedures only. last year I needed to call 10 times a Canadian domain registrar to unlock and bring up a domain name. They locked it and hijacked it only because there was a wrong zip code in the registrant's contacts. The website was down for 5 days because, despite being very big, the company just didn't have 24/7 support (a standard in this industry) and no one took responsibility to resolve issue. On top of these there were holidays in Canada. So the business gone for 5 days!

Most web hosting providers do not register with BBB so you'd just go an search by their hame is Google or any other Search engine. Hope that this helps!
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