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Originally Posted by BigMulch View Post
What do you think i should put on the flier and should i make my own or order and how many should i get or make
Thanks for all the help
I was in a similar situation, I just wanted a few lawns for pocket money while I was in school and working another job. I had someone make my flier for me, you can get a little help at the local copy store at a low cost. My first flier said; Call Mark for lawn mowing and other lawn and garden needs. No company name, etc. I printed one ream of paper (500 copies) and never got them all passed out. My first 250 fliers got me six lawns and a couple of shrub pruning jobs.

If you do get the license and insurance (and you should), it will probably not effect your student loan status, unless you make a lot of money. But look over your loan papers and call your school's financial advisor so you know how to do the best for yourself.
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