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Sorry guys been busy the last few days;

So the latest on my issue is that fish seem to being doing well. No more deaths as of tonight. You'll be proud Tad b/c i haven't put any more chems into the pond since that round of peroxide. The water lettuce is beginning to grow a few more buds and surprisingly enough, my Brother in law had some of the Water Hyacinth plants i mentioned before. So i've got those from him to add to the collection. Still haven't cleaned it yet, the fish seem to be doing much better now, they are moving around more and eating well.

I do still have cloudy and dirty water look to the pond, but the fish are doing better. Any thoughts on that?

If i did decide to give the pond a good cleaning what about the idea of adding a garden hose in the pond to get the fish adjusted to the cooler water temp, and then after a bit, turn on the discharge valve from the filter so that the good comes in and the bad goes out... wax on, wax off

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