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I can't speak for all LCO's out here in Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, etc. that are dominantly warm season grass zones. It is too touchy as stated by the U of A authorities on Fescue grass production. Northwestern Arkansas is the starting point for our Fescue growing as it has been described as traveling northward into Kentucky, Missouri,etc. I can't see this phenomenon as the heat waves travel all around and more than a 600 mile radius of the mid south. I didn't say anything about it not living per say.............all I can say is the stuff dies off no matter how much care, water you add to it until the temperatures recede into the 70's with lower humidity. We are experiencing humidity in the 55% range along with 99 degree days....pushing the plug to around 105+.
I can't help but say........get into both avenues of grass maintenance and you can end up doing all facets all season long considering.
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