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Profits are less than 0 for maintenance.......

That's a no-brainer......I imagine you mean mowing (maintenance).

Why run crew's and make no money or lose some?

Personally I am happy with a solo buisness and some part time help.
I control my schedule, rather than my schedule controling me....

As far as regular mowing account's, I take only one's that are profitable.
Good steady mowing season income.

Then alot of one time job's that pay well. About 10% of those turn into about regular account's.
Hopefully that will build up into a better base of well paying maintenance jobs.

All my client's get a snow removal buisness card, and that I do with a snowblower and shovel.
Pretty good off season income.

Alot of the guy's mowing around here are making $60.00 an hour for a three man crew.......there is just not enough profit margin in that.

Good luck.

Self employed for over 35 years..
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