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Originally Posted by guitarman2420 View Post
I'm willing to give it 60-70 hours a week or more; but not just to give a bunch of ungrateful employees a check to use on beer and porn!
There are a million free porn sites that might help make your employees happier Sorry had to comment on that.

I am curious as to why you make less then 0 on the mowing. Could be so many reasons bad accounts the drive time could be to far. My second crew went through the trouble of clocking their mileage this week and they drive 81 miles a week on their cutting list of 107 lawns.

I have lawns that I question why I bother and perhaps if you were in the field on the cutting crew you would see what I'm talking about. I guarantee not all your lawns lose money some may even give you real decent profits and are carrying some real dogs. If your not going to be with the guys id have them write a log next week 9:10 left shop 9:17 reached Smith's yard 9:42 left Smith's yard. What you want is to see where your losing the money hey I made 120 dollars from 2 pm to 3 pm but made only 85 dollars from 3pm to 5 pm. That might be an problem you'd want to look into and see if you can fix it.

Rule out the accounts the equipment and the trucks then the routs and finally your going to need to look at the employees. Some may be great some so so and others suck. You may either need daily list you expect weather its lawn cuts or actual dollars. With us a 2 man crew should see 800 dollars a day anything under 500 and I am losing money. So I got a newbie 2 weeks ago with me very weak set of skills and so I'm seeing 700s a day not happy since most of that is my doing and that's going to be the hard part for you. Some guys are so good even if the guy they are with sucks they can still bring in a profit. Your problem is going to be figuring out if the guys are both so so or if you got a real gem and hes being pulled down by dead weight. If that's the case getting him a real crew member is an easy fix.

It also sounds like you grew way to fast and that definitely means you have some debt which you are paying on. And that could be the reason your seeing so little profits 2-5k a month in truck and equipment loans can serious hit the bottom line especially in the off season which no one ever seems to think of when they say they are making a profit in summer.
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